Zor has learned the Teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma) since young and trained under various teachers. Zor has been meditating regularly since he
was about 8 or 9 years old in Burma. He has been in monastic life three times to practice meditation and to learn the Buddhist scriptures. He left the
monastic order in order to pursue his education when he was a teenager. But, he has always practiced during his life.

Zor is the Spiritual Advisor of the Buddhist Meditation Soociety - Joondalup, Perth in Western Australia. He has also taught at the Armadale Cambodian
Buddhist Society of WA to the lay people and monks in deeper side of the practice and Insight Vipassana meditation. He has also given talks at
universities, schools and business organisations and also at the Perth Detention Centre. He has also worked with drug addicted young people at the
Palmerston Farm drug rehabilitation centre for four years - from 2004 to 2008 - showing them the life skills that can be achieved through meditation and
the Buddhist way of living with wisdom, awareness and harmlessness. Harmlessness to oneself and harmlessness to others.
The Student Services Centre (SSC) is responsible for providing a wide range of services to students, staff and agencies external to the University. The
role of the Multifaith Chaplaincy Service at ECU is the provision of specialist pastoral support to students and staff so that they may pursue their religious
affiliations and interests in the context of life at ECU. Under the vision of “supporting spirituality, providing care and creating community” at ECU the
Multifaith Chaplaincy Service seeks to promote an inclusive community which fosters respect for the various religious traditions.
Visiting Chaplains are chaplains who are not employed by ECU but are given standing by ECU to work within the Multifaith Chaplaincy Service. Visiting
Chaplains are endorsed by their own religious traditions to provide religious and pastoral care services to members of their own religious tradition, as
well as being available to the wider ECU community.

About the Buddhist Chaplain - Online

The Buddhist Chaplaincy service was first established at  ECU and was provided by the ECU Students Services
Centre, under the Multifaith Chaplaincy Service Program. The Buddhist Chapliancy Service was provided for the
Buddhists as well as the whole community of ECU.

The Buddhist Chaplain U (Mr) Zor Hane has given his services for eighth year at ECU, conducting meditation
sessions and talks. Zor has now retired from voluntary services at ECU, but has continued his services online,
for the benefit of the audiences at ECU and others around the world.

Originally from Burma, Zor settled in Australia over 40 years ago and graduated form the University of Sydney
with Economic History and Accounting majors in 1986. Before settling in Australia, Zor had joined the
ocean-going merchant ships and worked as a radio officer for about two years. Since arriving in Australia, he had
worked in various jobs and is currently working on his own accountancy practice.
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Perth, Western Australia
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